Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Scents for the Mind.

Relaxing is my favourite thing to do. No secret I've said it a million times that I love nothing more than feeling chilled out and pretty much my only hobbies are napping and soaking in the tub.

My house is full of candles and I've got an incense on the go every day, I also use alot of essential oils whether it be in my bath water or my diffuser. I totally buy into scents creating a peaceful and positive environment which helps with your mood and practice it in my day to day life. I've made a little wishlist of some items I would love to own to satisfy my hippy-dippy nonsense ;) 

House of Intuition - Clarity Magic Candle.
These candles are dressed with crystals and stones and made using natural wax. I used some House of Intuition bath oils before and loved them, they also have a couple new specific date-set candles to help with Mercury being in Retrograde and the new moon coming into your sign.

Juniper Ridge - Cascade Forest room spray.
With the state of the world and my fear of leaving my comfort zones I doubt I'll ever get to experience the wild American outdoors. There are a few items that capture the environment of different camping areas of the US and bottles them. 

House of Intuition - Moonlight Bath Bag
This is a bit like a tea bag, you put some of each of the ingredients into the reusable teabag and let it steep in your bath! Using dried flowers and salts I bet the fragrance that comes from this is incredible.

Ethics Supply Co. - Zion's Angels Landing candle.
Another experience in a bottle, Ethics supply have alot but I feel this one would be my cup of tea (desperate to hit up the Zion national park) with Patchouli and Amber. 

Moorea Seal - Palmistry matches (by Violet Light)
Anything better than lighting candles with matches? NO! These are beautiful.
Himalayan Salt Lamp
These salt lamps have a HUGE following for health and mind benefits, they are also great for clearing and purifying the air in your home. I used to have a tealight holder but I lived in a very damp flat and these guys react to moisture so it wasn't meant to be. Now I'm in a damp free home I feel I really really need one. For more information on Salt Lamps visit or 

Juniper Ridge - Douglas Fir Campfire Incense
These are described to smell like a mountain lodge fireplace in a forest campground. Take me there!  

I'm pretty sure most of these places have very expensive delivery to the UK so I can all but dream for now but I love everything about these items down to the beautiful packaging. Until I get rich I will just sit in the smell of living in the woods!

What are your favourite scents?



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  2. Wow, the Himalayan salt lamp looks amazing. I bet that it really helps to relax and calm the mind!

  3. Interesting! Himalayan salt lamps are really effective.

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