Monday, 16 February 2015

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.


I've just got home from being tattooed, when I get a good snap of it I will put it on my Instagram. Tomorrow I start my new job, I'm trying so hard not to nap now so I can get a good night's sleep to wake up early tomorrow!

Kelvingrove Gallery and Museum Glasgow

Whilst in Glasgow last week we visited the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, it's a huge, gorgeous red sandstone building just outside Kelvingrove park and the beautiful surroundings of the University which is such a grand building itself! As you can see above the main entrance hallway/ceiling is so grand and pretty.

There is loads to see and do in the Museum, alot about local history and local art, there is also a huge Egyptian section which is super interesting. There was an interest of mine that really stood out for me that there was SO much taxidermy! Alot of Dinosaur history and fossils and also a really sad bit about illegal poaching but mostly tons and tons of taxidermy of past and present Scottish wildlife:

taxidermy wolfalligator skull
taxidermy bear
stags fighting taxidermy

The museum holds an incredible Salvidor Dali piece called 'Christ of Saint John of the Cross'. The piece apparently came to Dali in a dream:

salvador dali christ of saint john of the cross

Camouflaged in the Jungle room. The whole room was like this and had the sounds and sights of the rainforest in it.

Have you been to Kelvingrove Museum before? I love a museum and spending a couple hours getting lost and learning some more!


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  1. Wow, the taxidermy looks incredible! Good luck with starting your new job tomorrow. :D

    Tara x


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