Friday, 14 February 2014

Rooiboos and Leather - outfit post.


This weather is making me so annoyed, I can't cope very well in rain and wind - I'm hoping the snow will come soon! 
To keep warm this 'outfit' (not an outfit just an outerwear-outfit) has been keeping me warm and snuggly walking around in the wind. However, it's an umberella graveyard out there so getting soggy has been top of my list. 

uk style blogger
Coat - Great Plains*
Snood - a gift from Marta over at Glitter Detector 
Hair bow - Claires.
Gloves - H&M
uk style blogger
Black Studded Handbag - Misstella*
Loving this bag right now, its black, (faux)leather and has gold studes all over it! It doesn't let water in and also is just the right size for all my needs. I am loving be able to hold it as a handbag aswell as a shoulder bag.
I just love the colour on this coat! I never normally steer away from blacks and navy's but I pushed the boat out and went for it and actually got a ton of compliments!

Since it's Valentines Day and all I think I will be having a LUSH bath, reading a book, sippign wine and having a take away!

Enjoy your weekend


  1. Oh, I really kind of love that coat, the colour is fantastic on you x

  2. That coat is awesome, love the colour. Hope you're doing ok x

  3. What a yummy, bright colour! I bet it's so well made. :)

    Tara xo

  4. This coat is beautiful! Aww the snood! <3 xxx


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