Monday, 4 April 2011

Urban Outfitters Homeware Pt.2

I did a post just like this last year (its HERE), but since then alot more cute items have been added to Urban Outfitters homeware section.

I'm 21 now so I'm really desperate to move out to a bigger and better city and although I'm not 100% sure where I want to go and don't have anybody to move with yet but it doesn't stop me looking at things to buy!

Ribbon Duvet Cover - £60

Boho Floral Rug - £25
I actually am SO tempted to buy this to store away!

Globe - £12
R. Berkley Picture - £20
I already have one of these, a friend for him wouldn't go a miss.

Babushkups - £13 for 3

Toucan Shower Curtain - £25
Pricey for a shower curtain but probably the best shower curtain ever.

What do you think?
Also I have a request for any interior blogs/tumblrs - if you know any link me up! :)

Hope you've all had a great weekend!


  1. LOVE the shower curtain..bed sheets..picture :)
    Aww..I love it all actually! Bright colours make me happy! x

  2. Such cut stuff!
    Like Lauren I LOOOOVE the shower curtains.
    The bed sheets are awesome too, though I could never have white ones, they'd get covered in paint and makeup!
    The picture is super cute too, he's a very regal leopard!

  3. I LOVE their homeware, drooool!

  4. oh man, the rug! I..I..I want!

  5. I love the rug, shower curtain and bed stuff. Bootiful!! xx

  6. I really love urban outfitters homeware its so cute and whimsical! I think sometimes their prices can be a little on the high side but still beautiful nonetheless :) If you type in a similar description on ebay, the sellers often have identical items but cheaper!
    Rachelle xxx

  7. shower curtain = tres amaze

    glad I moved out

    bit of an ikea flat though - im not that imaginative


  8. The cups! the bedspread! the- well, all of it! toooo gorgeous <3

  9. I approve the rug & ANY Berkeley artwork. :))

  10. Adorable. Thank you for the heads up..

    Lovely blog,

  11. Aww dude thanks for posting this, youve just reminded me about your last post and the great homeware UO do! You know I've just moved into my new place, so I defs want to spruce it up with some pretty things like this :) having a nosy at your bedroom via twitpic btw... it looks gorgeous! black and white wallpaper and your lovely big ornate mirror... come decorate my house for me pleeease? :) xx

  12. Oh dear lord I need that duvet!

  13. They do have some amazing stuff, I want my own place so badly! x

  14. i love that duvet set in the first picture, mmm i want it now

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  15. Would you move somewhere on your own? And share with people you didn't know?

  16. I do that too! I want that globe!


  17. That rug is gorgeous and not too badly priced either I'm sure you could justify buying that in advance!!

  18. ahhh the shower curtain is awesome,need that

    love UO home section,makes me want my own house ha

    kate xo

  19. Ooh i am obsessed with the homeware section from U.O too. everything just seems so pretty and I always feel like i NEED it all,hehe! if only it wasnt so expensive though!

  20. Not solely an interiors blog but has some awesome ideas and diy tutorials xx

  21. i love urban outfitters homeware. i wish i could afford more of it !

  22. I LOVE uo homeware. Its so bloody expensive though. one day...


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