Thursday, 22 July 2010

Pin Cushion + New Fabric.

My 't' button is still not working so this is going to have to be more of a 'picture' post. I will head over to the Apple Store tomorrow and pick up a new keyboard (goodbye sweet money!)

This week I've been on another eBay fabric binge and picked up these four charming fabrics:

The little Oriental kitties are just adorable and I love the bunnies in the cherry blossom.

So I decided to make a pin cushion:

Side 1. Mushroom fabric.

Side 2. Froggies and Apples.

Hope you like!
Again sorry for the short post but I will be back tomorrow with a new keyboard and a better post!


  1. oooh love the kitty fabric.

  2. aw really sorry that your 't' isn't working... it's one of the most useful letters! why couldn't it have been 'x'? haha.x

  3. @ciara because then I wouldn't be able to give 'kisses!' x :D

  4. thank you for stopping by chinamommy!! Glad you like the little fawn pendant, I have others made of clay in my etsy shop: chinamommy
    Thanks again & I'm off to take a peek at your other posts. Oh you should look at little Miss Crafty (on my blog list)-adorable stuff and also from England :)

  5. thanks! I'm off to check it out! x

  6. I love the bunny fabric - so cute!
    Plus those pin cushions would come in useful at my house, with all the sewing my mom does, aha! :) xx

  7. @hannah cool! well i'm thinking of doing a giveaway soon of a few little things so stay tuned! x

  8. aw, these are the cutest fabric ever!

  9. The kitty fabric is my favourite :) Loving the pin cushions!

  10. The kitties are so cute, I got them on ebay but they didnt come cheap! x


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