Monday, 1 September 2014

Old Wives Tail - Luxury Hair Treatment review.

Hi there!

I've had a lush weekend back home in sleepy Devon and back in Cardiff which is on lockdown for Obama and other world leaders' arrival for the Nato conference. You will have to twitter-search or Google to get the full effect of what it's like here at the moment but it resembles the film 'Children of Men' or a Zombie apocalypse survival town. Police with guns, giant mental fences and people filter-systems - Scary!

Anyway onto something a little more light-hearted, today I have to show off a luxury hair treatment from Old Wives Tail (I think the spelling mistake is deliberate here!)

uk beauty blogger
Organic Clove and Jojoba Organic Oil Treatment*

The first thing that caught my attention with this brand is that it is 100% animal friendly and 10% of profits go to charities that are stopping animal testing and protecting animals from it. The packaging insn't that striking however it's true to it's natural and organic roots which is always good.

This hair treatment is mean't for hair that is brittle, dull and broken (exactly like mine!), I found it hit and miss for a few reasons (mostly totally my own fault) and here is why:

First up you have to leave the treatment on for an hour - now finding an hour in my day where I have nothing to do except sit with treatment on my damp hair is hard BUT I managed it! Then I'm pretty sure because it felt like I wasn't using alot of product/it wasn't going far, ending in me using WAY too much. Instead of massaging it into my scalp as instructed I actually put it all over the ends of my hair (as I thought I'd put it on the part that needed the treatment rather than the parts I felt didn't) which after the wash-out left my hair pretty greasy.

The plus side is my hair smelt amazing and felt super soft, so if I find another spare hour at some point and re-try this I will definitely follow the instructions properly and hope for real results :)

Do you have any dry/broken hair treatment miracles you can share with me? I really need them!


Friday, 29 August 2014

Cat Homeware


I love all animals but it's pretty obvious that I am cat crazy, I've owned cats since I was 5 years old and now have my own baby boy Prince along side his big sister who lives in Devon with my mum - Pippa! 

Since I've moved from home to home I've always been drawn to cat-themed homewares and today I want to share with you my ultimate wish-list of kitty decoration that I would love in my place:

uk home ware blog
Pyro-Pet Cat Candle - Firebox.
This is a little morbid (but so am I) but I lovee that when you burn down this candle you are left with a kitty skeleton afterwards! It's such a great and gruesome idea. 
uk lifestyle blogger cats
Kit-Cat Clock - ILoveApplePie
I've always wanted one of these since I was a kid, they are so classic and cute, I just love the tail/eye movement as it ticks.
uk lifestyle home blogger cats
Cat Head Mug - Urban Outfitters
This is so sweet! Like I need more mugs in my cupboard but how can I resist this one?!
uk blogger top uk lifestyle bats blog
Cat Soap Dispenser - ModCloth.
This is gorgeous, so poised! It's also ceramic for an easy clean.
uk fashion and style bloger homeware and cats
Kitty Cushion - DollyDripp.
I am a HUGE DollyDripp fan, everything is handmade with lots of love and attention paid to each item, so well worth the price tag. 
uk blogger lifestyle home and style uk cats
Mint Cat Shelf - Urban Outfitters.
This has been in my UO basket for SO long now! I need to press buy immediately and it is just perfect for my bedroom. 

What do you think of my kitty-cat picks?

Do you know any other amazing, cute cat items for the home?

Have a great weekend


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Swatch - A/W Event.


I had taken a short step away from the ol' blog due to feeling uninspired and too much like a little fish in a massive pond. We will see.

Anyway last week I headed over to to Swatch store in Cardiff to have a look around at their new self-winding collection and some of the new A/W collection in store. I've never owned a Swatch before but always dreamed of it, I only have 2 Casio's and am never without a watch (tan lines don't lie). 

swatch store wall uk blogger
swatch uk blogger pink glitter
swatch uk autumn winter 2014
swatch double wrap around

In particular I actually loved the kids watches - Hello Kitty, Cats and Dolphins - dream. But for being a grown up I loved the pink glitter double wraps and also the bright colour double wraps too! I only have tiny little wrists so a small watch is a must. But my favourite by far was the pictured Strawberry Swatch.

Watch prices are the only thing that scare me, plastic watches for £40 do trouble me but I'm not one to splash out on lavish things these days (since you know bills and rent while working for minimum wage come into my mind). But these are worth the dollar as alot of heart and Swiss soul get put into each one :)

We had bubbles and mini-cakes which was very nice indeed!
I'm off home this weekend, can't wait Cardiff is doing my head in!

Take care

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wolf Teeth.

Good Afternoon,

Today I'd like to share with you an amazing and original store named 'Project J' who specialise in handmade jewellery from Europes upcoming Designers. 

I've heard of many such as I Love Crafty (who I'm a massive fan of) and also have discovered some such as Wolf & Moon who's designs are just amazing and so detailed! 

I was asked to choose an item for reviewing and I was so so torn between the one I have chosen below and this gorgeous Heart Chakra necklace by Mollie Jewellery. However I did decide on this beaut:

uk style blog
Coucou Suzette Wolf Tooth necklace via Project.J
uk style blog

The detail on the necklace is what really makes it awesome. I love how the Flourite gems are separated with these little beaded rings.

Obviously this is not a real Wolfs tooth but the piece definitely has a tribal/prehistoric feel to it.The speckled Jasper beads look like Dinosaur eggs. and the Flourite I half expect to have a mosquito inside just like the beginning of Jurassic Park.

Other items from Coucou Suzette that I've fallen for are the Gold Beetle earrings and the Sautoir Nacre necklace.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Cat Tipi - DIY


This Saturday my baby boy Prince turned 2! You can see my post from his 1st Birthday HERE where I tell the story of how I got him and his background. He's grown up alot since then but he is still a mummy's boy who comes for snuggles every morning.

I bought him a few new toys and a special cat-meal and some treats but for so long now I've wanted a Cat Tipi. On the site I've linking there they are pretty expensive for me to get shipped aswell as buying the product so I decided to build my own!

I used this awesome easy tutorial from Boat People Boutique to build my own Tipi for Prince: 

uk diy blog

I used:

1 metre of fabric,
5 wooden sticks which were about 70 cm's,
Leather string,
1 safety pin
and a cat pad that he likes to lay on for the base.

After cutting the fabric into a cape-shape (hey that rhymes) I had to tie 3 of the sticks like the above picture so that they stand upright like the below picture:

You then add two more sticks and tie them around the other sticks for them to stand like so:

I then draped the cut fabric around and safety pinned the fabric at the top where the two ends met.
I then tied the leftover leather around a couple feathers.

I then put the cat pad under the tipi so Prince now has his own little tent! 

uk diy blog

Prince loves his Tipi, he sleeps under it at night however on the first morning I walked in to see he had wriggled about so much that it had fallen on top of him but I think he enjoyed it being like a giant blanket :P

Hope you had a great weekend, I did an amazing, personal challenge and climbed a mountain! I will do a post on it very soon as the experience was incredible and super spiritual!
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