Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Living For: Rock n Rose

Way back in the days of 2010 I discovered Rock n' Rose, I even worked with them on a DIY and featured their products in outfit posts

Since then they have grown into a mega brand that is huge online and also stocked on ASOS. They have grown so much and it's been so awesome to follow along with them! Recently they launched a gift shop section on their site which I have completely lost my MIND for! 

Here are a few of my absolute faves from the collection (plus a few of their famous rings n' thangs):

Leilani Head Planter.
This also comes in a David head and I just think
they are both so fabulous! The colour would look for gorgeous
with some beautiful blooms in them.

Shit Happens Embroidery Hoop
Not only is this gorgeous it also has a very wise life lesson that everybody should live by!

Capricorn Zodiac Ring
Um I'm obsessed with anything Capricorn and the way these rings sit are just beautiful.

Saint Stevie Knicks Candle
I adore Saint candles and this one of my Queen and namesake Stevie Knicks is incredible. Also comes in a Britney who anyone who knows me for more than 2 minutes knows she's my God(ney).

Birthstone January Ring
Never had anything with my birthstone on before and I'm really into this.

Botanical Wall Hanging 
This is just so simple and beautiful, it would look perfect in my house! 

I urge you to check out the rest of the site as there are so many great gifts/presents for yourself on there - I feel like I could literally buy everything on there!


Monday, 21 November 2016

Ladies Who Lodge at The Celtic Manor

Oh Hey!

A couple weeks back I was so kindly invited to visit the Celtic Manor just down the road in Newport to visit enjoy an event with them in one of their famous Hunter Lodges. I've heard so much about these lodges (President Obama stayed there...yeah) which were made especially for the Ryder Cup back in 2010, they sleep upto 8 people, have an indoor sauna, an outdoor hot tub and breathtaking views. The lodges are so far away from the main hotel etc that it does feel like you are on your own little isolated lodge.

As expected the lodges have gorgeous wooden interiors with a open plan kitchen/living room and log fire, the whole set-up was Christmas - a massive tree, outdoor lights, wreaths and Xmas pudding making! We also had Christmas cocktails made by their top mixologist (my fave by far was the eggnog) and canapes made by their head chef.

Being the novice I am I forgot to take my camera to the actual lodges so I only have a select few iphone snaps which will never do them justice. The lodges are truly an experience and would be perfect for a cosy Winter break or a Summer stay. 

The event was lovely and afterward myself and some other bloggers hit up the Merlin bar inside the resort hotel for a few drinks and a chat. I was invited to stay the night in the hotel itself as the event went on until 9, obviously I couldn't say no to saying in a 5 star resort and I've never stayed in a hotel by myself before so this was such an awesome experience personally too. I was put up in a deluxe room which had a little living room, stunning view from the front of the hotel and a gorgeous marble bathroom.

When I arrived and checked in, I got comfy, did a face mask and made myself a bubble bath. Then took my time getting ready with the TV on in my slippers and robe. The bed was the bed of dreams, the room was cosy warm and I just really really loved being there.

In the morning I went down for the breakfast buffet which obviously I went for two round of. They had everything so I couldn't not get my fill - there isn't anything in this world more wonderful than a breakfast buffet! After breakfast I was booked in for a back and shoulder massage which was very much needed and then took a little stroll around the grounds.

The Celtic Manor is such an experience and if you are looking for a night away I highly recommend it, I enjoyed the luxury of it so much I am 100% going back there!

Friday, 18 November 2016

Growing Up Slowly.

Oh Hello!!

Once again my spare room is being inhabited by a feral kitten (she's not feral now and actually going back to work tomorrow - cue heart breaking instagram posts) so I've been slacking on the ol' blog. I think this will be my last kitty for a few months as kitten season is OVER! HOORAYY! haha. 

Anyway this post you may have noticed is about growing up, and my version of growing up is buying myself a pair of boots that have a slight heel to them! I know, I'm almost 27 and I've only just managed it. I only own one pair of slightly high platforms which I've worn to death. I'm so used to wearing hiking books or little flat pixie boots that it was time to grow up and branch out. 

The moment has hit a few times when out with friends and even though I'm dressed up etc their outfits are always just a little more completed with a slight heel which automatically made me feel under-dressed. I cannot walk in heels, they hurt and I feel like Bambi after a single drink so I've opted for the small heeled boot and as shown in my purchase above - a slight platform. 

My pal Nina helped me out (as a heeled boot pro) and I settled on the ones above from New Look. I love them! I love how they are half suede and half pleather with a nice chunk of platform. I thought I would share with you a few other boots I've fallen in love with via various internet stores that maybe once I'm comfortable in my new shoes I can branch out with: 

star cowboy boot
These beauts I LOVE. They are from Daisy Street via ASOS and although I wouldn't know what the hell to wear them with  and I'd probably just sit looking at them - I think they are awesome!

These gorgeous western style boots are incredible. They are from New Look and I def have my eyes on them!

These Office glittery babes are more my height. I just think they are magical.

So there is my little slice of growing up slowly, as sad as it may seem I felt so good purchasing and wearing my new boots :)


Monday, 31 October 2016

Dirty in the 'Diff

Dirty Martini welsh cocktails


Today I'm making cocktails (well not today because it's 2pm on a Monday) but this cocktail is special as it's been designed for Dirty Martini's Cardiff opening!

Dirty Martini opened it's doors to us here in Cardiff in an exclusive opening party on Friday night, the place itself is pretty nice inside, I'm not one to go out-out, I rarely do dressing up and can only walk in flat shoes so it's probably not a place you'd find me haunting regularly. The music was a little too loud for me because I'm secretly an old lady who likes to be in bed by 9pm most nights but the drinks were good!

We were offered complimentary drinks until 8pm but due to it being crazy busy I actually only got to try one of the Cardiff Cocktails (one of any of the cocktails on offer actually) made especially for us here in the 'Diff and it was the one which I was sent the equipment to make for myself - Red Dragon. It's a good cocktail so no real complaints ;)

Dirty Martini welsh cocktails red dragon cardiff

Red Dragon is a martini made from Brecon Botanical Welsh Gin (keeping it local - I likeeee) and Hibiscus liqueur, with teapot bitters, gomme syrup and blood orange syrup, topped off with a snap dragon flower. I was given what I needed to shake and stir my own Red Dragon but was meant to add fresh raspberries, lemon juice and egg whites (nope).

I added lemon juice but couldn't bring myself to chuck an egg white in there, but when I tried the Red Dragon professionally made in Dirty Martini it didn't bother me at all, it just gave it the little foamy top that it was meant to have.

Dirty Martini welsh cocktails red dragon cardiff

Well... I don't own any sort of cocktail glass so i made mine in a tiny glass tea cup! Ha!

I had tons of fun making my own cocktail at home but the Dirty Martini crew definitely make a better one than me!

Thanks for Dirty Martini for inviting me to the opening night, I wish you every success here in Cardiff and maybe I'll be back in sometime because I HAVE to try a Merlins Cup ;)


Monday, 24 October 2016

LUSH Spooktacular!


I've pretty much shared LUSH Halloween things on my blog every year since I first moved into a place where I actual had a bath I could bathe in (houseshares + bathing = ew no thx) and why should this year be any exception? My Hallowe'en house decor is all up and I'm prepping for a weekend of classic and cheesy horror movies.

As soon as the LUSH website had to Halloween treats up I immediately put in a big purchase:

2 x Autumn Leaf
2 x Lord of Misrule bath bomb
1 big bottle of Lord of Misrule shower cream (my ultimate fave thing ever)
1 Mosters Ball (which I've already used and forgot to photograph - oops!)
1 Pumpkin and 1 Sparkly Pumpkin
1 Boo bath melt
and finally a chunk of the Fireside soap!

I avoided the Magic Wand soap as I'm not massive on orangey scents and the Fireside sounded more appealing to me. I also avoided the Goth Fairy shimmer bar as I would def never use it and it was pretty expensive for a teeny tiny little bar.

Autumn Leaf - this is by far my fave product out of the whole range! Alot of people describe it as a 'cut grass' smell but it totally don't get it. To me it is bergamot and that is just my fave smell ever. Please don't ever leave leafy!  

Sparkly Pumpkin - I wrote a Sparkly Pumpkin review 2 years ago , it has a little cinnamon stick piece on it. I actually got gifted on of these by LUSH aswell at an event and they are perfect for breaking in half and getting 2 uses from.
Boo - this little dude is actually part of my Hallowe'en decorating this year and is sat on my fireplace (it's inactive so he won't be sliding down it!). I'm incredibly excited to use him - but after the 31st!
Pumpkin - this bathbomb I've used now. It's a fast one and fizzes off almost instantly. 
Pumpkin bath bomb - the water, as you can see, is left a beautiful bright orange and the actual scent was vanilla/cinnamon - my whole house smelt amazing even until the morning!   

Fireside soap + Lord of Misrule shower cream - I'm actually using Fireside as a little mini fake-fireplace in the bath. The smell wasn't anything to shout home about it's just vanilla to me but it looks wonderful! And LoM is my fave scent ever from LUSH and I am just so happy that this is being kept on sale until Christmas. If you love herbally, incense type smells then I urge you to go and pick one up! 

What do you think of the new LUSH range? Have you tried any? I've picked up a bunch of the Christmas range too which I will be sharing next month so stay tuned!

Our LUSH here in Cardiff is actually reloactin up the road to a bigger premises where it will have a LUSH Spa! I am SO excited - gotta start saving the pennies to treat myself to one of them!


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