Monday, 10 October 2016

Destroy Your Denim.

stay home club back patch

Oh Hey!

It's getting pretty freakin' chilly outside now, I absolutely love Autumn weather where the sun is low and shining, the sky is blue but it's cold outside.

Earlier this year I went to a Vintage Kilo sale, these are where you pay £15 for a kilo of clothing and everything is in massive bins and on huge rails. The place is packed full of people and it's basically a fight to to find something half-decent. It's described as 'vintage' but it's mostly stuff from 2003, the queue to pay is so long that you slowly lose alot of interest in things you picked up and promptly dump them along the sides. I did however manage to grab myself a lush little Levis ladies denim jacket from either the late 70's or early 80's which had a gross stain on it. I managed to somewhat get most of the stain out but the fit is great and I've been after one since forever so I was in. It was the only thing I picked up and came to just under a kilo so I got it for £13.

stay home club back patch denim jacket

Sure enough after it's first wash I had sewn my Stay Home Club back patch onto it. Granted it needs an iron out but I love it and it looks pretty swell to me! 

vintage levis jacket
bobble hat winter look

Even though it's cold I pretty much still only live in dresses but now I just wear tights and boots instead of trainers and bare legs. I do love a good layer up with chunky knits, scarfs and a bobble hat - I got this cute little peach one from H&M for £4.99 last year.


Friday, 7 October 2016

But Why I Love You I'll Never Know.

You could say I've fallen out of love with blogging.

I started doing 'cowbiscuits' in 2010 after a 'bout of scrapbooking left too much mess and I discovered I could do it mess-free online. I inistantly loved it, I religiously posted every 2 days, I went over every post looking for grammar and spelling mistakes and (without being one of those people) not many people were doing it and I was inspired! I gained a fair few 'followers' and felt awesome about the whole thing! In 2011 my whole life turned around when I moved to Cardiff, I was left for 2 months with no internet and began working a job that left me physically and mentally incredibly exhausted. I was officially out of the blogging loop and fell behind as the blogging world grew.

In 2013 I started 'cowbiscuits' back up and realised how much I missed it and loved it and continued pretty solidly until last year where I flitted in and out or writing posts, making VERY poorly made videos on Youtube and felt very sluggish in a fast-paced world where blogging is all about editing perfectly crisp photos, page views using click-bait titles and how much money and free shit you can get. No tea, no shade but this is not for me.

I don't get involved in any 'blogger chats', I pretty much detest the term 'blogger' - it makes me cringe (sorry 'bout it). I do miss MY blog - not because I think I'm class, or because I think any of what I write about is worthy of anybody bothering to read but I miss being able to vent onto a page wether it being able to just copy and paste some pics of things I love from Etsy or post about my fave facemasks - I miss my little scrapbook.

I fucked up college pretty heavily and went right into working but at school my favourite subject was English Language and I went on to do my AS level of this at college where I got a B - but due to enjoying partying a little too much and not being arsed to even attend most lessons, I quit. I'm not bitter about it at all, I am SO thankful for the way my life has panned out, I've gained alot of working experience from shit jobs which has furthered who I am today and what I do today - I just actually enjoy writing! It makes me happy, it is a little hobby which sadly I've left behind. I want to do it, I can't always be bothered to do it but I know it makes my soul a little happier.

This whole Summer I've had feral kittens living in my spare room where I take most of my blog pictures, write my posts on my iMac and generally have an officey vibe. The little monsters have DESTROYED my spare room so I'm blitzing it and semi-re-decorating it now I've (hopefully) finished fostering until Spring. Don't get me wrong I LOVE doing it but damn those tiny kittens are messy! I'm hoping this will help me get back into my writing mojo, having a clear space to do it (depsite this post coming to you live from my laptop while I'm in bed after a 4 hour day-time nap).

So basically what I'm saying is: I'm sticking with you cowbicuits, I was just having a breather from you.

If anybody reads anything I write then I'm truly flattered but this is my little getaway and I'm feeling content just by writing it :)


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Boots Beauty Haul - video!


Today I have a video for you, it's my recent Boots beauty haul, I've been feeling ill and also having a tough time the past week so went out and splashed out!

I have some more videos coming soon and if you havn't already then please check out my previous videos :)

Take care 


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sanrio My Melody Bath Bomb


Had a little break from the ol' blog due to feral cats taking over my spare room where I have my computer set up ready to upload pictures etc. I've had a brief break in fostering (1 week) and now there is a new 'feral' kitten living in the spare room (see my instagram/snapchat for more - username: cowbicuits ) so I managed to get a hot minute in to upload some pictures to write a little!

Carrying on from my last post I thought I'd share my other Sanrio bath ball with you guys that I got in my Asian Beauty Haul which was the My Melody bath ball. Sadly Yes Style have sold out and my dreams of ever visiting Japan are far far away.

Just like the Hello Kitty bath ball this one also has a surprise figure inside! Although as I do not read Japanese I have literally no clue if this ball was supposed to smell or be 'flavoured' of anything and when I put it in the bath I didn't really notice any particular scent other than 'clean' - if that makes any sense?  

There were no bubbles, just a little foam and no colour either so I'm guessing these are literally just a fun thing for kids to get a little surprise toy out of. They fizz up pretty fast aswell and the My Melody that surprised me was...

... shocked little cutie My Melody! I love how she popped out looking so surprised floating about the bath!

If I see anymore of these online I will probably pick them up just for the novelty or if anybody knows where I can get some other characters ( I've seen Gudetama and Rilkakuma knocking about) then holla at your girl.

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday, I've just ordered my first ever Deliveroo! Until next time...


Monday, 23 May 2016

Sanrio Hello Kitty Suprise Bath Bomb


You may remember my video of my Asian Beauty Haul (click there if you haven't seen it yet!) from YesStyle, in which I was super excited over a couple of special bath bombs I had picked up.

The bath bomb I'm going to be showing off today is the Sanrio Hello Kitty bath ball in 'Strawberry Milk'.

As I mentioned in my video I actually just picked these up as I love all things Hello Kitty and only discovered upon it's arrival (and through guessing via images) that the bath ball actually contained a little Hello Kitty mystery charm! 

I was SO excited by this so in she went!

And here she is!

I got the little HK sat in a teacup - how cutie!

As far as the bath bomb itself, it had a faint strawberry smell and left a light foam in the bath with a pinky tinge to it. I think it's definitely mean't for the novelty factor of getting a little charm in it so I added my own bubbles to the bath aswell.

I loved my little surprise and sadly they are no longer available on YesStyle so I think I was lucky to be able to try this beauty out by total fluke but I hope in the future I get to try my luck with another one.


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