Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ocean Salt Self-Preserving LUSH Review.

As if they couldn't get any more kinder to us, LUSH have now turned 3 of their best-sellers into Self-Preserving! 

Ocean Salt, Dream Cream and Mask of Magnaminty have all been given the self-preserving treatment which basically means all synthetic ingredients (although totally safe) have been replaced with natural preservatives which means the product is now Vegan. It also has much less water inside which gives the product a much longer shelf life compared to other non-solid products. 

uk top beauty blogger review
uk lush beauty blogger review
Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face and Body Scrub c/o LUSH.
Ocean Salt smells divine! It's a very fresh smell with the top ingredients being Grapefruit extract and Lime extracted Vodka. Basically a cocktail!

Although this is marketed as a face scrub I actually prefer to use it as a body scrub to help with stubborn dry areas. The main ingredient in this is Sea Salt which after exfoliating really keeps the skin feeling sooo soft! The scrub is pretty coarse - which personally I love! I love to feel like something is working so when it feels like the scrub is getting rid of dry and dead skin, it feels great.

Have you tried any of the self-preserving range yet?

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Reiki - My Experience.

You may remember in my post from the Kamigata Party that I said I had a Reiki taster - and I loved it! 

I actually went to a full session at a different place after this and didn't enjoy it as much. The woman didn't really know what she was upto and her phone ringtone was the Harry Potter theme tune! She also gave me reflexology which was nice but she said 'your feet are like blank slates' which in my head was code for 'you didn't tell me what was wrong with you or why you came at the start so I have nothing to go on'. She also said I need to drink more water which will help with 'what the world is going through' when I questioned this she said 'the 2012 shift in conciseness'... I'm definitely all for alternative therapies, meditation and crystal healing and practise it regularly however I'm not so into the whole 'New-Age' thing (personally I prefer the Eastern/Old style), as for the shift - we will see ;)

reiki blogger

The lady who did the Reiki at Kamigata (pictured above) was a Reiki master, to begin with she sat me down, I closed my eyes and gently whispered in my ear what I was to envision. I was feeling a bright, white light going from my head down my body and the same from my feet up my body where they would meet in the middle. I then used this light to 'root' myself into the ground. I envisioned a beautiful garden where tree-like roots coming from out of my feet down into the ground then wrapped around the whole world.

While keeping this image in my head was hard, due to loud party music and talking, I kept at it. The lady (who's name I totally and sadly forgot) used her hands to place them on my upper-body Chakras where she picked up on ailments and how they were affecting me and why.

When the mini-session was over and she told me what she found and thought I was amazing! It was almost freaky!

She told me that I have upper-stomach pain often (which is true) which is due to me keeping problems and emotions inside for too long and I need to go to a secluded place and just shout them out to release them. She also said I had a tickly throat/cough every few weeks (100% true) which is because I have money but I am too afraid to spend unless it's essential (like food, bills) and I shouldn't be afraid (helloooo shopping spree!). This is also VERY true to my character.
Something else was said but I totally have forgotten what it was but it was so true of me and the whole experience was really great. My friend also went after me and got a totally different reading which was very true to her character too which is why I don't think this was 'cold-reading' just she has learn't to find genuine issues linked to certain aliments.

I loved this lady and her work and really want to go back to see her again when I need it!

My key Chakra is the Ajna (or Third-Eye) so when I need to ground myself I just tap or press with my finger or thumb just inbetween my eyebrows. I was also given a spray of the scent connected to this which I spray on my wrist or chest if I need a bit of calm or to set up my day.

Have you ever tried any Reiki or alternative therapies? How did you find them?

Hope you are having a great weekend, last night I went to see a KISS tribute band - it was wild! Check out my Instagram to see a picture of me with 'Gene Simmons' :p


Thursday, 11 September 2014

We Are Pom Girl!

A couple weeks back I made the best drunk purchase ever!

I had been following Pom Girl via Instagram for a while now and loved all of their creations, so while browsing their site, after a night in with a bottle of Pinot, I made a drunk accident order which arrived at my door a couple weeks later:

uk fashion style blog pom pom furry fluffy accessories

I actually pretty much forgot about it until I had an email saying it was on its way and had to go back through and see what I had ordered and in which colours. I say it takes a few weeks because they are getting huge now and have alot of orders which are all handmade and made to order - another reason to love Pom Girl.

uk fashion style blog pom pom furry fluffy clutch
Lung Chain Fur Shoulder Clutch - £18.99
It's so fluffy eee! This bag is basically my dream, remember my ugly pink heart bag? Well this is basically ugly pink bag part 2 only not ugly and totally adorable.
uk fashion style blog pom pom furry fluffy socks
Marabou Socks - £5.99
I love socks! I always wear them and these as so smooth and soft they make my feet feel like they are on a holiday.
The colour is so gorgeous too, also love the Coral pair.
uk fashion style blog pom pom furry earrings
Tiger Tassel T-Shirt - c/o Xirl.
Capricorn Necklace - Ebay
Swing Loops - £9.99
I can't really wear hoops because I have one earlobe with all of my piercings as those minging tunnels that I regret wholehartedly, but a girl can damn well try, so one earlobe is fine, the other I may have to come up with another idea!

What do you think?! I know it's definitely not everybody's cup of tea but it is 100% my cup of tea (which is strong, skimmed milk with no sugar btw.)

Anyway I'm due for a nap,
Take Care.


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

No7 Match Made Lipstick Service

On Saturday I went down to Boots in Cardiff city center where they were holding a little event in aid of their new No7 Match Made lipstick service. There was a photobooth in which customers were invited to come along to get Match Made and then lipsynch along to the new advert for a video or have some photobooth snaps to keep!

no7 boots blogger photobooth lipstick match service

You may have heard of their foundation match service where they use a little machine thingy (not the technical term) and take a photo of your skin tone to see which foundation is the perfect match for you. Well this is another beauty first for No7 who can now tell you, by your skin tone, just exactly which lip colour suits you best!

I was 'Cool Vanilla' and I got to look at all the shades suited to me and choose which I felt most in the mood for and went for 'Soft Paprika' - which was gorgeous! I wanted to try more but I wanted something bright to wear while I went to get some other involved in the photobooth action and talk beauty with customers at the No7 counter.

no7 boots lipstick match service

There are 43 new flattering lipsticks which are set out to complement your specific skin tone so there is something out there for everyone! They are available in formulas 'Moisture Drench' (my personal fave) or 'Stay Perfect'.

no7 boots blogger photobooth lipstick match service

I love photobooth they are so much fun especially getting 4 completely different pictures, here is the video that was blasting through the store and grabbing people in to lipsynch (or shout) along to:

no7 boots blogger photobooth lipstick match service

I really recommend going for the service, it's totally free and you can keep your card that shows you all the No7 shades best suited to you - plus you can try them all then and there with the awesome No7 staff!

Thanks for having me Boots - it was a blast!


Monday, 8 September 2014

DIY Nails


Lately life has been getting me down and I can't shake it which is more annoying to me than anything! But I do have lots of things that cheer me up too - such as suprise packages! 

The gorgeous Claire (or as you may know her blog Bee Waits.) cheered me right up last week by sending me a suprise little package of joy! I'm desperate to go upto Glasgow and meet some pals who I've know online for ages but never met. I have some train tickets I need to use up so maybe this is the trip I need!

I thought I'd show off what I did as soon as I got the package and spruced up my nails with the nail-based treats that I had received:

uk beauty blogger
OPI - Moon Over Mumbai:
This is a pretty grey that actually has a slight purple/blue tint. I got this in a gift bag from the Kamigata event.
Essie -Full Steam Ahead:
This was given to me by Bee, the lilac has iridescent glitter in it. Very subtle and cute! 
uk beauty blogger nail art
DIY Nails - Sweet Hearts Decals.
Also part of my gift, these cute little decals are so so easy to put on! You just cut the one you want, wet it for 5-10 seconds in water and then slide it off the paper onto your nail.

Cactus Candle - Tiger.
uk nail art blog

I love having my nails all done up but sadly with my job being so hands on they chips right away :(

Can you recommend any super chip resistant nail polishes? I really loved the Essie - it was my first time using them and now I want more!

Hope you had a great weekend :)
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