Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Boots Beauty Haul - video!


Today I have a video for you, it's my recent Boots beauty haul, I've been feeling ill and also having a tough time the past week so went out and splashed out!

I have some more videos coming soon and if you havn't already then please check out my previous videos :)

Take care 


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sanrio My Melody Bath Bomb


Had a little break from the ol' blog due to feral cats taking over my spare room where I have my computer set up ready to upload pictures etc. I've had a brief break in fostering (1 week) and now there is a new 'feral' kitten living in the spare room (see my instagram/snapchat for more - username: cowbicuits ) so I managed to get a hot minute in to upload some pictures to write a little!

Carrying on from my last post I thought I'd share my other Sanrio bath ball with you guys that I got in my Asian Beauty Haul which was the My Melody bath ball. Sadly Yes Style have sold out and my dreams of ever visiting Japan are far far away.

Just like the Hello Kitty bath ball this one also has a surprise figure inside! Although as I do not read Japanese I have literally no clue if this ball was supposed to smell or be 'flavoured' of anything and when I put it in the bath I didn't really notice any particular scent other than 'clean' - if that makes any sense?  

There were no bubbles, just a little foam and no colour either so I'm guessing these are literally just a fun thing for kids to get a little surprise toy out of. They fizz up pretty fast aswell and the My Melody that surprised me was...

... shocked little cutie My Melody! I love how she popped out looking so surprised floating about the bath!

If I see anymore of these online I will probably pick them up just for the novelty or if anybody knows where I can get some other characters ( I've seen Gudetama and Rilkakuma knocking about) then holla at your girl.

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday, I've just ordered my first ever Deliveroo! Until next time...


Monday, 23 May 2016

Sanrio Hello Kitty Suprise Bath Bomb


You may remember my video of my Asian Beauty Haul (click there if you haven't seen it yet!) from YesStyle, in which I was super excited over a couple of special bath bombs I had picked up.

The bath bomb I'm going to be showing off today is the Sanrio Hello Kitty bath ball in 'Strawberry Milk'.

As I mentioned in my video I actually just picked these up as I love all things Hello Kitty and only discovered upon it's arrival (and through guessing via images) that the bath ball actually contained a little Hello Kitty mystery charm! 

I was SO excited by this so in she went!

And here she is!

I got the little HK sat in a teacup - how cutie!

As far as the bath bomb itself, it had a faint strawberry smell and left a light foam in the bath with a pinky tinge to it. I think it's definitely mean't for the novelty factor of getting a little charm in it so I added my own bubbles to the bath aswell.

I loved my little surprise and sadly they are no longer available on YesStyle so I think I was lucky to be able to try this beauty out by total fluke but I hope in the future I get to try my luck with another one.


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Blind Box Unboxing Video - Kid Robot and Pusheen


I've made a new video (well it's old I recorded it last month) I havnt had any time to edit it until this morning when I spent a while editing it only to find out I actually edited it the same day I recorded it... DUH!!

Anyway I've recently been really into blind boxes and blind bags and watching other people opening theirs on their YouTube channels. My faves at the moment at ToyBoxCollectables as the husband and wife duo are so cute and their office space is incredible. Also I totally fan girl Bunny at grav3yardgirl has a few videos of her doing them and as much as I shouldn't enjoy her I CANNOT help myself! SO basically I decided to do my own video too!

I picked up some Kid Robot blind boxes in Ferals, Lore of the Labbit and Tricky Cats. I also got a Pusheen Plushie blind box too which I was super excited about as I'm a HUGE Pusheen fan!

Here is the video, hope you enjoy and I've already got some more Blind Boxes on order so will do another video of them being opened too - like I say I LOVE the thrill!


Thursday, 12 May 2016

Stay Home Club Haul.

It's no secret I'm a HUGE Stay Home Club fan. I own a few of their pieces and recently they bought out so many more awesome things that I just had to have! 

So today I am sharing what I bought in my most recent purchase from them:

Stay Home Kitty Box Tee
This is a super soft box t-shirt which is mid-length. It is really lightweight and looks awesome with some high-waist jeans. Already covered in cat hair of course! 

Panther T-Shirt
This super awesome print is by a Korean tattoo artist named Jiran. It is a unisex shirt so comes down quite long which I like and I just roll the sleeves up a little. 

Full of Grace Patch
This patch is pretty big and I've just bought a sick bomber jacket that this would look amazing on! It also came with a matching sticker which I was stoked about. It's an iron on patch but I will probably sew it a little for extra security.

There was so so much more I wanted to get, so many pins! Sadly I do have to pay customs charges on these as they are being sent from overseas but if I save up a little then I'm sure I can make another purchase in the near future ;)

What do you think?


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